Rence Camera Service
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High quality 8mm film to video transfer service
for either Standard 8mm, Super 8mm or 16mm film
We take extreme care and pride in the transfer
of your valuable family films.

Your film is transferred with professional film to video units
to the format of your choice (VHS Video Tape or DVD).
This method produces the best color, lowest amount of flicker, and the highest quality picture.

Our precision optics convert your 8mm, Super 8mm & 16mm film to a high quality digital format when transferred to DVD

We can add easy listening background music to greatly enhance your enjoyment of those silent home movies.
We offer different packaging and any number of copies, whatever suits your needs best.
8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm, both sound and silent film
are also transferred.

Simply number your film reels in the order you would like
them displayed and leave the rest to us.

This type work ordinarily takes about 7 to 10 days due to the careful process your film will undergo. Anyone offering faster service is offering a lesser quality. You won't find anyone to take more pains with every bit of your precious family films. Over half of our work comes from someone seeing work we've performed previously. Film transfer makes a great gift to your family for a special occasion.

Our film transfer service is where the past meets the future

Imagine seeing your memories
from old come back to life
on your TV in digital quality

Pop in the tape or DVD
Now Everyone can ENJOY

Makes a Great gift
for relatives & friends

View our example 8mm film to video

Example 8mm Movies
Transfer to DVD

Follow Our 5 Easy Steps

  1. Check your closets to find those old home movies
    (Look for a Shoe box on a shelf is where many have been found)
  2. Put them in the order you want to see them on video
    (Number each reel in the order you want with a Post It note)
  3. You can add titles* or names between the reels
    Think of Special information (Birthdays, Wedding Info, etc.)
    that will help take your audience back in time
    to those memories of joy that they may have forgotten.

    (Put your title on a Post It note before the reel number)
  4. Add music* to remind everyone of the time & place
    (1960’s music, Anniversary, Wedding music, etc.)
  5. Then call us to put it all together ~ (586) 772-8344
That's All It Takes
(*NOTE: Additional charges for adding special titles and music)

Pricing & Services available on request
Contact Jerry Marr
(586) 772-8344
or E-mail:

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