Rence Camera Service
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Photos to Video
Photo albums sit on a shelf & seldom get any attention

Today everything is on Video
No pages to turn or pushing to see

Pop in the tape or DVD
Now Everyone can ENJOY

Makes a Great gift
for relatives & friends

Follow Our 5 Easy Steps

  1. Pull out your photo albums and select some pictures
    (Don't worry about different sizes, we can use wallets & upto 8X10)
  2. Put them in the order you want to see them on video
    (Number each photo on the back with a Post It note in the order you want)
  3. You can add a title* or name between the photos
    You can even place a name right ON the photo
    (Put your title/name on the Post It note with the number and where to place it)
  4. Add music* to your Video Album
    (Give everyone a more enjoyable experience of your photos)
  5. Then call us to put it all together ~ (586) 772-8344
That's All It Takes
(*NOTE: Additional charges for adding special titles and music)

Pricing & Services available on request
Contact Jerry Marr
(586) 772-8344
or E-mail:

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